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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

An Overview of Shortness of Breath During the Stage of Pregnancy

Are you feeling that you are devoid of air? Do you feel that your feet tend to be swollen? Then this is the third trimester of pregnancy. The best course of action at this point of time would be to stop worrying. Water retention or shortness of breath is common during this phase of pregnancy and medicine for respiratory disease in pregnancy is going to provide you with optimum relief for sure. These symptoms could rarely point out to something big, and in most cases is not a major cause of concern.

What is the main reason on why shortness of breath arises in the first place?

At the far end of your pregnancy, the uterus is known to push the abdomen in relation to the diaphragm. This works out to be 4 cms from the position before pregnancy. At the same time the lungs also tend to be compressed. It would point to the fact that you are unable to take in a lot of air as and when you are breathing.

In no way it points to the fact that you are having less oxygen. The lung capacity does increase due to the physical demands of a growing baby. It has to be stated that the pregnancy hormone progesterone levels increase during this phase. Though each breath tends to take less amount of air, the lungs tend to stay in the oxygen for a longer period of time so that the necessary oxygen is provided for both the mother and the baby. All this to a large extends eradicates pregnancy respiratory disorders to a large extent. Coupled with the fact that the body is also known to expand the blood flow during pregnancy so that the baby does get enough amount of blood.
  • Dealing with shortness of breath
  • It has to be said that shortness of breath could be uncomfortable but you would need to devise various ways in managing it
  • Good posture is the key
  • Make it a point that you stand up straight with the shoulders back and the head lifted.
  • Exercise

With the aid of aerobic exercise your pulse is lowered and breathing improves. Do take note of the fact that any program that you put in place needs to be approved by the doctor.

If you have not yet started then it would be a great time to begin off prenatal yoga. With the extra amount of stretching, it does improve your posture and gives you more space to breathe.

Whatever form of exercise that you go on to choose, do not overdo it! Listen what your body is telling you. Your mind is the picture book of your actions and when your body is telling you to stop so please do it. The onus is on you to understand the limits of your body. While listening to your body is good you need to be aware about the warning signs that arise from shortness of breath that might emerge.

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