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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

What is to be Disclosed With the Cardiologist?

This is a question that is commonly asked by propel across the globe especially those who have been advised to visit a reputed cardiologist in the region. According to the health experts no patient should try to withhold information of any type from the medical professional. 

Keeping secrets from the cardiologist can prove to be fatal. If the person is not honest about his ailment or does not reveal all the issues that are faced, then the heart doctor will not be in a position to plan proper and effective treatment course. This will only mean that the person will have to suffer more and will not get the desired relief.

Things to consider

Prior to making the appointment, there are few things that need to be taken care of. Some of them are given below:

·       Whether to take vitamins or supplements: There are many who are known to take herbal remedies or alternative medicine form to address health issues that are chronic in nature. The heart specialist is to be discussed with in details about the medication being taken, since certain supplements might pose to be serious threat if the person is on cardiovascular medications.

·       Tested by other physicians: The person might not want to admit of receiving second opinion about his/her heart issue. However, the objective will be to get proper care and not worry about what the physicians feels. Any recent test result should be shown to the cardiologist at the next appointment, be it a blood test, angiogram, echocardiogram, EKG or just about anything. If the physician is not able to provide valuable and relevant information pertaining to the issue, then he/she is probably not able to gauge the seriousness of the condition.

·       If all medications are not being taken: Some people have the habit to skip mediations, because either they are forgetful or simply do not want to take all of it. It will be necessary to be upfront to let the physician know about not taking blood pressure or cholesterol medication regularly as prescribed. If the levels of blood pressure or cholesterol has not changed and this is an issue which is not known to the heart specialist, then higher dosage medicine might be prescribed that will only do harm to the patient and have detrimental effects upon health and even unwanted side effects.

·       Experiencing undue stress: As matter of fact, there are many who have to face financial difficulties every now and then. Few people are found to hold on to this and take the stress to such a point that it tends to make them fall sick physically. Heart rate may be increased due to stress, leading to palpitations and skipped beats. Discussing with the physician will be wise about the current happenings as it might elevate blood pressure.

Having a list of best cardiologist in India can help the person to find the right physician who can provide the very best possible treatment possible.

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