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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Free Your Mind: 7 Surefire Practices to Help You Relax Before Sleeping

You're so tired that your eyes want to close already. However, you can't get to your dreamland because your mind is scrambling with all the things that went wrong throughout the day or things that could go wrong tomorrow.

Probably, you're also thinking about how to pay your bills for this month, how your son is going to pass his exam, or even about your sick relative. But no matter how minor or severe or your concerns, if you're stressed about them, they will surely keep you awake.

Because of that, here are the expert tips that should help you relax your mind so you can rest as much as you need.

Avoid those Electronics

Start your relaxation by turning off the bright TV lights, tablets and smartphones for up to an hour before going to bed. Bright lights can make your brain believe that it's still daytime and instead, it is recommended to journalize or to write down all your thoughts.

At first, it seems so hard, but make sure that the brightness of your phone is turned down for those nights when you can't help yourself.

Prepare Your To-Do List

If your mind is rushing for all the stuff that you have to do tomorrow, just sit down first and write it all on paper. Making a  list of everything that you have to do lets your mind to get the tasks go for the next day.

Thus, keeping a piece of paper close to your bed can be necessary if you think of something that you want to add. In that way, you don't need to get out of bed and stop that all-night worrying that you may forget something necessary.

Get Relaxed With Music

Nothing is more relaxing than the musical beats of harmonious drums or the delightful flute melody. Surely, you can get yourself any music explicitly designed to relax your mind.

Listen to slow, pure relaxing tune, usually from instruments that have a calming effect like a harmonica, a piano or a pipe guitar.

Don't listen to music with lyrics displayed before going to bed, since there is a possibility that the lyrics of the song will get stuck in your mind, making you stay awake much longer than usual.

Read Books or Journals

It is proven that reading is a beneficial way to achieve your deep sleep. Some people seem to nap off into a sound sleep while reading, sometimes even with the book still in their hands.

Additionally, reading needs concentration, which then helps in releasing from monotonous thoughts of the day and thus gets you out of your mind. Indeed, it’s genuinely relaxing for the mind and body to be free of the surge of constant thinking, bringing a state of comfortable sleep.

Relax in Your Bed

It may sound naive, but having a mindful sleep should be something you have to look forward. Thus, invest in blackout curtains, breathable, comfy sheets, and an excellent mattress.

Also, combat the urge to work or eat on your bed to establish the significant relationship between your sleeping and bedroom.

Practice Proper Breathing

Breathing exercises and meditation are subtle ways to free your mind from disturbing thoughts and also allows your body to relax physically as well.

Thus when breathing, try inhaling in through your nose and exhale through your mouth in a rhythmic, deep pattern. Breathing in a deep pattern will slow down your heart rate while focusing on the rhythm can eliminate other disturbances from your mind.

Dally with White Noise

Another tip for relaxing before sleep is to invest in pure white noise sound generator in your bedroom to help keep your mind calm throughout the night. It is because our brains are meant to wake us up if there is an intermittent or sudden noise during our sleep.

However, a white noise sound tool emits a constant background sound which is similar to the background noise of a fan, a humidifier, a diffuser or an ionizer.


If you’re one of the millennials, you’ve probably been affected by stress-related sleep issues at any point or another, staying awake at night loaded with thoughts about your future and career.

Also, if work worries keep you awake at night, perhaps it’s the time to enforce habits that will keep the level of your stress low such as avoiding electronics before bedtime or investing in great bedroom sets which are available on Deal Wiki and other various websites.

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