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Thursday, 12 April 2018

What it takes To Be a Successful Engineer

Engineering or B. Tech is a hot study and career field in India. An increasing number of students are applying for various branches of engineering every year. The competition for admission into good colleges is hard. The top-notch institutes for engineering in India, the IITs and NITs, present the most severe competition before the students. If we combine all the IITs and NITs in the country, there are about 25,000 seats in total. But the total number of students who compete to fill these seats every year is a staggering 12 to 13 lakhs. Needless to say, the competition is really tough; that’s why only the best manages to reach IIT and NIT.

Then, there are many state level colleges and then come private engineering colleges and universities. These institutions absorb the majority of B. Tech candidates. It has been found in several studies that a large number of engineering graduates in India remain unemployable. So, what’s the reason behind this? Let’s try to find out.

The primary reason for the prevailing situation of unemployment rate rising among the engineering graduates in India is that most of the students opt for engineering as a de-facto graduate degree without much thought. They are clueless about what they will do further or what kind of career they will pursue. They opt for B. Tech just because their friends have opted or somebody said that it is good. Such students somehow complete their degree, but they lack the required knowledge of the subject. They also lack the required interest in the field. Hence, they are not hired by companies for relevant engineering roles.

Then, there are many students who want to study commerce or literature, but opt for B. Tech due to pressure from their parents or because some people around them have suggested that B. Tech is a better thing to do in comparison to B. Com or B.A. Going further, this creates problem when the student finds himself in an awkward situation due to lack of interest in engineering. Whether one is pursuing a top biotechnology college in Dehradun or Delhi, if he/she lacks the interest in the field, then there will be no progress.

Some students who even have an interest in engineering fail to select the right B. Tech branch and right college. Selecting wrong branch leads to lack of interest in the subject. Selection of wrong college or university results in difficulty in finding job after completion of the course.

From the above discussion two things become very clear. Firstly, you need to listen to your heart rather than listening to anybody and everybody because ultimately you have to do that work and you know better what you are capable of. If you think that engineering is not your cup of tea, then better not bother your head with it and pursue the course of your choice. Secondly, you need to wisely select your B. Tech branch as well as college after proper research and analysis; remember, well begun is half done.

If you are looking to pursue top biotechnology college in Uttarakhand, then you should research about reputable institutions for engineering studies in India before taking admission. It will help you in choosing a top college that provides top class faculty, resources, and academic environment to facilitate and foster the learning process.

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