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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Why Should You Avail 24 Hour Answering Service for your Healthcare Business?

Why Should You Avail 24 Hour Answering Service for your Healthcare Business?

Every healthcare business is supposed to take care of its patients. It is very important to be available round the clock as patients can contact you at anytime from anywhere regarding medical emergencies and questions.

Moreover, you cannot depend on the voicemail as a single mistake will lead to misfortune. Here, the importance of BPO firm’s 24/7 answering service gets increased as this service helps you to answer the most important calls.

Furthermore, this service offers the basic requirements that include high efficiency, professionalism, and effective communication to run a medical office smoothly.

Apart from that, availing answering services from well-known call centres also ensure quieter & less-hectic environment for the medical staff and patients.

Take a gander at the following points that will explain why you and other medical business owners should opt for 24/7 telephone answering service:

Peace of mind

Most of the medical businesses are approaching call centres to avail 24 hour answering service. Because somewhere this service gives time to doctors to relax, connect with family, and recover from the stress.

As we know that medical emergencies are not limited to any time zone or geographical boundaries. Therefore, it is so important for the doctors to be available 24/7 for patients.
Here, call centres come into the play as their agents evaluate each call and transfer the urgent ones to doctors so that nothing leads to any mishap. 

Builds a stronger relationship with patients

Being an owner of a medical business, you are always supposed to keep your patients happy. To make that happen, offering round the clock answering service is the best & cost-effective way.

The main reason behind this is telephone answering service lets patients contact you at any time and this somewhere gives a positive impact on the former. In addition to this, happy patients mean a better medical business’s profitability.

Ensures HIPAA compliance

It is very important for the medical offices to abreast with the policies of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as patient health information cannot be compromised at any cost.

Moreover, if your answering service violates any HIPAA’s rules, you have to face legal issues that will cost you a fortune. To prevent this hassle, most of the medical businesses approach reputed call centres to avail HIPAA-compliant 24 hour answering service UK. 

Reduces no-shows

Availing 24 hour answering service from reputed call centres is the best way to reduce no-shows. Moreover, this service improves your medical staff’s efficiency by cutting the hassle of reminder calls.

However, reminder calls deem as one of the most important aspects of medical practice. For the same reason, BPO firms get approached.

Usually, only one reminder call is made for basic appointments. On the other hand, multiple reminder calls are supposed to be made for surgical procedure appointments to ensure that whether the patient is taking the appropriate steps that include taking proper meds, fasting, etc. or not.

All in all, telephone answering service somewhere improves the business’s bottom line.

Better flexibility

There are many medical offices that have staff members who are only supposed to answer the calls. This somewhere leads to high expenses as you have to pay for hourly wages, insurance, vacation days, sick days, etc. 

On the contrary, availing answering services from BPO firms not only minimize the errors but also save a lot of money. Best of all, patient’s call will be answered by trained agents who have an experience in the medical field.

Increases patient satisfaction

Another benefit of rendering round the clock answering service is this helps you to create a satisfying patient experience. With the help of this service, your patients don’t have to wait for appointments as they can easily reach you under any circumstances at any time.

Apart from that, this service helps you to answer important calls in a timely manner, which, in turn, increases patient satisfaction. In addition to this, round the clock answering service reduces work pressure of your medical staff and this cuts the chances of any type of errors.       

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