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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Two Main Ways To Check CIBIL Credit Score

Two Main Ways To Check CIBIL Credit Score

For CIBIL check you have two options such as through PAN card or either their site. CIBIL is the bureau who can collect all your expenses or credit card usage data and share with the lenders. That’s why it’s necessary to make payment on-time.

Both credit score checking option is the easiest ways. Let’s know the procedure.

CIBIL Credit Score Check Through PAN Card

       Login the site and enter PAN number
       Fill the personal details such as name, date of birth, and gender according to the PAN card
       Professional information such as employment type
       Identity and address proof
       Share registered email ID or mobile number
       Before click on submit button accept the conditions

CIBIL Credit Score Check Through Website

       Open the official site for CIBIL check
       Fill the name, date of birth, and gender as per PAN number
       Employment information
       Share identity and address proof
       Provide registered email ID or mobile number
       Accept the conditions
       And finally, click on submit button

For both procedures, you should answer a few questions. They can ask credit card previous record related queries, outstanding and any due details. After your answers confirmations, send an ok report on registered email ID.

If You Will Get Less Than 650 Credit Score, What Will Happen?

To upgrade yourself on CIBIL score race should check it in six months or one-year. It’s a good habit to up the score and also gets to know each scores value.

       300 Points: As you can see, it is less than 650 so automatically on the reject list.
       450 To 500 Credit Score: This CIBIL credit score is better than the first one but still not getting any financial support.
       550 To 600 Points: If you start paying all bills on time, it will give benefits.
       650 To 700 CIBIL Score: You can get a loan or credit card in a high-interest rate. But a few lenders can provide services not all.
       750 To 800 Score: It shows you know the utilization of the product. The lenders happily give you financial facilities to you.
       850 To 900 Score: It’s the highest score in the CIBIL credit score. This scoring record shows you will pay back all bills on-time.

How Can You Control Your CIBIL Score?

The lenders or bureau cannot stop for any expenses or swipe for to buy anything. But it’s for own benefits you should control and get all types of privileges which you want.

     To Make Payment On-Time: It’s an important factor while want to maintain a credit score. On time payment always gives you full privileges. You are top on lenders list, CIBIL and for that can get instant approval for financial support.

     Monitoring: You should monitor score calculation because it can save you to enter in defaulter list. You can check own credit report in six months or one-year.

     Utilization Limit: When the bank can provide limit it means you should try to expense only that much. They can follow your credit card activity. When, how and where you can swipe your product. That’s why it’s good for you to use it on the limit.

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