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Friday, 24 August 2018

A Girl in Paris

A Girl in Paris

When we talk of Paris, it’s imperative to talk about fashion. The lifestyle of the Parisians is so versatile that travelers themselves sometimes feel obliged to learn about it and adopt it, during their stay in the city of love. We have brought together some remarkable pieces of clothing, which will make you feel like a complete French woman.

1) Mango One Shoulder cut-out dress:
If you’re just too lazy to go through your wardrobe and figure out what to wear, which might be pretty exhausting, this is your one-stop solution. This simple but beautiful dress, gives you the perfect balance between elegance and style. It has a slit where it has a nice floral border to it which elevates your look. It is a very versatile dress which could be experimented with a variety of accessories. Pair it up with a nice hat and ballerinas or strappy heels and you could be a Femme Française.

2) Floral Cape Princess dress

The Floral Cape Princess dress is designed for you to look like one. It has an off-shoulder silhouette and the midriff is studded with pearls. Just as much every woman likes to be loved, this dress will do the exact same thing for you, it will sweep people off their feet. While pairing it up with accessories, you might try out a sun hat with a floral touch to it. Also, when it comes to footwear, you can go with strappy heels or high sole flats which should do just fine.

3) Alpha Flower Power Shirt

We all know that a white shirt is the most basic element of anybody’s wardrobe. So, just with a floral touch to it, helps you to go around the streets of Paris with sass and confidence. Not only is it beautiful but also very comfortable. You could pair it with any type of pants or shorts and knee high boots. You could also pair the shirt with dark-colored skirts and strappy heels to finish off the look. You can try wearing some graphic ties and experiment with it.

4) Cross-shoulder Corset Pastel dress

This corset dress has that Parisian vibe to it naturally. It has a uniquely designed cross-shoulder strap which becomes the element of attraction. The pastel finish on the prints makes it really adorable and certainly is a show stopper. This outfit will be perfect for a fun Paris afternoon or for high tea in an outdoor café. You can accessorize this classic corset dress as in the picture where the model is wearing arm-length see-through gloves which give princessy feel to it. You could wear fishnet tights and a pair of dark-colored stilettos or wedge heels to pull this corset dress. It would look really sassy if you could pair the same by adding cat-eyed aviators and a hat.

So, the next time you are off to the city of love, make sure you have a checklist of Kerry Parker outfits to make you look á la française.

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