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Monday, 8 October 2018

Visit Best Restaurants Of Delhi

Time has changed and today people are looking for a reason to visit some of the best restaurants in the city. It is not just for having dinner or lunch but mainly to get a break from routine life. People of Gurgaon and Delhi are very lucky as there some of the best restaurants who are having beautiful décor and yummy food. So, if looking for the best restaurants one horizon centre in Gurgaon do visit Imly café. In North India, everyone loves street food but when it is about hygiene many ignore having such food. So, for them, it is the best option as they serve all the street food including golgappas, chats, dosas and many more. So, when having cravings form such chaat for it and enjoy it with your friends and family. It is a vegetarian restaurant but the street food that is served here can anyone crazy about it. Cheese Burst dosas are also loved by everyone who visits this café.

Hahn's kitchen is another such place which will surely be loved by all. It is even one of the best restaurants one horizon center as it is known for authentic Korean food. The décor is quite simple with comfortable seating where everyone can enjoy different Korean dishes that are been prepared by best chefs. People who think it is serving Korean food so there is no option to get vegetarian dishes are wrong. There are many vegetarian’s dishes that are been served here and one would really fall in love with such dishes. Korean style sushi is loved by all and just a single bowl of it can satisfy two people easily. One will surely love the food and every time they visit where will try to get something different from long list menu.

Best restaurants in Delhi

People who are living in Delhi or planning to visit Delhi must visit some of the best restaurants which can give a new experience. There are many best restaurants in Lodhi colony which would be loved by all food lovers. There are a number of restaurants over here which gives an option for people of all budget to have some great dining. Jamun is one of the best Indian restaurants which is painted with bright pink and purple color. The name and decor are quite unusual but dishes served here are prepared in an authentic manner which makes people love this place. This restaurant is known for serving home-style Indian food and so one who is always from their home can get a good feel which enjoying different dishes. This Indian restaurant can bring the taste of every state and thus people coming from any part of India can get their favorite dish.

Juneja’s Eating place is other such best restaurants in Lodhi colony which is famous for soft and creamy naan rolls. Many people who are new to Delhi might have not heard about it but it is yummy and everyone must try it. This is one of the places where people meat lovers will get varieties of dishes like chicken Malai Tikka Roll and many other which are loved by all.

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