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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Why data analytics professionals are the need of the hour

The Indian job market is surging with demand for data analytics professionals. In 2018 alone the Indian market is supposed to add nearly 2 lakh new jobs for data professionals. This is not a number to be taken light when you are talking about such an advanced, niche oriented job like that of a data analyst.

The big data analytics market has grown all over the world over the last decade. India has joined the data analytics race in around 2012 and within 6 years the market is booming with opportunities for analytics professionals. What are the key reasons that help the market thrive?

Integration of analytics systems across industries

The application of data analytics has expanded from IT and e-commerce to reach well into the the heart of a myriad of different industries.
Currently banking and finance industry is more affected by the integration of analytics than any other industry.
Retail and manufacturing industries are making great use of data analytics as well.
Healthcare analytics is thriving with developments as both organizational and personal data is being leveraged to improve services and drive profit.
Instances or successful implementation of data analytics can be found in entertainment, sports, education, transport, administration, the list could go on.

Increased use of data science platforms

Data science platforms are suits of tools that allow data science professionals to explore, extract, analyze and find patterns in the data at hand. The use of data science platforms has gone up by 30% in the last couple of years. Professionals with a suitable skill set are required to work on this platforms. These professionals make a qualitative and quantitative exploration of the data at hand. They are tasked with extracting insights from structured and unstructured data. These insights play a crucial role in the survival and success of the organizations. Personnel with data analytics certification are sought after by companies to handle these roles.

Expansion of the analytics services market

A large percentage of the companies that engage in data analytics are the ones that do it for other companies. The analytics services industry is one of the major exponents of the digital revolution in India. Companies across the country out source analytics services. These service based companies access their clients’ data remotely and analyse it for insights and market reports. The number of these companies are on the rise and they require the best quality analysts to perform the tasks. The growth of this industry has increased the demand for professionals with data analytics certification even further.

The demand for analytics professionals is real and it is here to stay for quite a few years. Undoubtedly it is one of the best career options for you if you are good with numbers and have a knack for interesting challenges. A business in today's world is highly dependent on its treatment of data so they are willing to pay handsomely bring the best analysts on board. Train hard, get your data analytics certification and you will be on course for a great career.

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