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Thursday, 22 November 2018

The All in One App we need right now - AppBrowzer

Mobile & Apps

Ever heard of “all in one app”, not really? Well, that’s the crux of this read. It’s safe to say we are living in the digital age. The number of mobile phone users has exponentially risen over the recent years. As of August 2017, there are over 3.5 billion unique mobile internet users, that’s literally half the world's population! Users spend about 70% of their time on smartphones, the majority of that time is spent on the plethora of apps hosted in it. A recent report by Statistica indicated that there are over 8 million apps on the Google play store. However, despite the sea of apps available, in reality, only a few of them make it to the frontline of users hands. How many are the ‘few’? Well, studies indicate that users use an average of 9 apps daily and a maximum of 30 apps on a monthly basis. That being said, it still remains a lot of apps to deal with regularly. To us and many around, that is Clutter! Our mobiles are filled with apps, and no matter what we do, be it organizing them in folders or deleting unused apps, the fundamental issue remains the same.

Introducing the all-in-one concept 

At Appbrowzer, we took a step back to address this point. We created an app from ground-up that would help users get access to everything in ‘one tap’, that in essence is the AppBrowzer app. The approach we took was a simple yet thoughtful one, the app would be a centralised place for all essential needs. These apps are built with the view of providing multiple services and catering to diverse use-cases instead of solving a specific task. Everything from payment, ordering food, booking cabs, flights and more with a simple tap on the AppBrowzer app. This, in essence, is the all in one app concept.

Here are some highlight sections to the app that explains this concept further...

Smart Shop

This section gives you access to all the top shopping apps in one screen. There’s more, now you can easily switch between apps, compare prices and much more. A striking feature of this section is when you search for a query you can get items from the top 4 shopping apps namely: Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Shopclues. Simply by swiping left to right, you can get access to all these 4 apps, without downloading them. You get an addition of 40+ related apps that you can enjoy.   

Smart Social

It’s no doubt we are living in the social media age. Did you know that we spend close to 2 hours on social media? Needless to say that switching between the many social apps can be a pain. Imagine having your digital social life in one place. Think not long, with smart social you get access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn on one screen! No more having to switch between apps. The interface is designed for easy use for the post-modern user. Browse, post, tweet, comment, share with Smart Social.


Ever thought you could earn and game, seems like a dream right? Well, now you can do just that within AppBrowzer’ gaming section. Play and win every day with exciting offers on several games. Apart from earning, you can enjoy over 200+ games listed in this section. Get busy and start gaming!

Smart Travel

Set sail to the wind! Book from your favourite travel portals on AppBrowzer. Guess what, you can switch between apps here as well to get the best deal. Enter the details and simply swipe to see the best deal available. It’s truly a game changer for people who extensively travel. 


Stay up-to-date with the latest around the world from multiple channels. This is your one-stop daily dose of news and reality checks. The news section is thoughtfully curated to give users the best and optimized news experience. From the first glance, you get to see what’s trending and live in the regional, national and international space. Apart from this, you get access to over 10+ news apps.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to redefine the way we use apps on our smartphone. We believe the all-in-one concept will shift the paradigm of everything we do on the mobile. All the Express Apps listed on AppBrowzer can be accessed instantly with just one tap. This saves you time and space on the phone as the Express Apps don't need to be downloaded independently. At AppBrowzer, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to reinvent the way users see apps, we strive to be your one app solution to all your apps. Get rid of all that clutter and start using AppBrowzer today. 

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