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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

What Luxury Brands Should Learn From Dolce & Gabbana's Hong Kong PR Disaster

One of the biggest stories in the last weekend in Hong Kong last weekend was a regular organized organized protest of the Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabbana, a security guard photographed out of this flagship of local residents last week Stopped taking Checking the story, a photographer from Apple Daily reported January 5, a security guard told that only Chinese or foreign tourists were allowed to take pictures outside the store, which allegedly With another protector to break his camera. In this hour, the story had taken a fury of criticism in the city, Hong Kong residents of the city, with the anger to fast, talk to hundreds of messages on the wall of Dolce and Gobna, to talk about dealing with the comment. Had demanded Pack up and leave Hong Kong completely.

During the weekend, more than Facebook users in Hong Kong combined to organize the protest of more than Delis and Gabbana's Tsim Sha Tsui flagship, "10,000 people's photography and de-event Approximately 20,000 fans "almost like" to create the "D & G, with almost 100 demonstrators, actually carry on the road. According to the Hong Kong standard, the number of protesters was very good that shops were forced to close their doors before 3:00 as the wolves were gathered, along with nearby shops as well as nearby shops. Sent The protesters took the camera and cut the store's pictures as others condemned the ban on the picture and demanded forgiveness. Despite the massive turn outout, last night Dolce and Gabina released just an incredibly unusual statement instead of apology. "We note that our company has not taken any action in the purpose of enduring the Hong Kong people."

It is not possible that the anger of protesters has to go through any way. Today as a standard note, the rumors have increased substantial for months that luxury brands such as D & G are well-dependent on China's tourists that Hong Kong will be the "second-class buyers" locally. Have gone
Possibly a government official, possibly a government official was shopping in the store last month when he saw people outside the photographs. The complaint was done for DGG because customers feared the network to incorporate purchase promotion into a bad way. Then D & G banned. D & G's statement refuses to reject any ethnic race or unwanted opinion. "Controversial statements in the Hong Kong press are not from Dolus and Gabon nor its staff.

"It's sad that Dolce and Gabbana have brought this issue."

Harbor City [Mall] Friday sorry on his Facebook page. D & G's shop did not return tomorrow and nobody came to meet the protesters.

As Hong Kong residents, more than Hong Kong residents have flooded the brand's public page with Facebook's socialist platforms like "boycott de and g" groups and angry comments, DGO's It is likely that in the end there will be no option for any formal apology, only the situation is getting worse. BadPR is actually building on the bad PR, with D-Handson's Facebook page of a member of the alleged staff in the flagship of Tsim Sha Tsui's flagship, with screenshots of glasses of glasses. , Accusing protesters against "mental troubles" and "mental mindset". The problem between Hong Kong government officials is increasing, with Chief executive candidate Henry Tang Young, it is said that D & G should take photographs out of the store as a testimony, and they "People take photographs as they are like products. Instead of removing people," he said, adding that he wants to increase the problem in the Legislative Council, tourist official Paul Tha Wi-Chun demanded that DG "to protest against the locals".

Although it is just about DC and earlier a blanket apology time and its movement is based on its speed of communication strategy (if it is in China) clearly Hundreds of losses have been hit in Hong Kong. In recent months, the brand focuses on the brand of Mainland China - it plans to open approximately 30 stores in the next two to three years - and its understanding of crushing tourists in Mainland China at Hong Kong's places Goes away The problem in British colonies first, and the most recent incident has made the worst situation.

So, what can brands learn from luxury (continued) D & G Saga in Hong Kong? First of all, despite the importance of Hong Kong, Centralland is considered as "favorite game" at the loss of local people, to take advantage of China's tourism as a major market. Their love for Beijing's attitude in the image sprays (NSFW) and the cities of Dominican Dolls and Stephen Goba, like Shanghai and Hangzhou, and the rumors about the rumors about the main forces in Hong Kong have Chinese authorities on their height. Only affects them on luxury herbs.
Another important thing for brands to remember in Hong Kong is that the city's more open-press and Internet-related land, and the broader rate of English flow, the PR issues (faster) faster Allows to spread. ) At the most global level they will call Mainland China. Hundreds of unhappy comments have been published in English since the Hong Kong to Hall Kong and the Facebook wall of Gabon. On the other hand, the current crisis of other China - complaints from former workers in Goki China complain that this brand was becoming a background in South China. Due to this, it was widely used locally and was widely reported in the World English press.

Hong Kong Internet's vibrant feelings have to be compatible with the confusion, which is the worst thing that can bear luxury, and as every brand working in Hong Kong (or Really, anywhere) needs a description and a local crisis management plan. The high rate of access to high social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in Hong Kong is increasing (and the city's more open tabloid and online press) is important, as it is considered that local people are richest richland How to react in the arrival of Chinese tourist shops are now shopping branches like Sam Chei and Central Abad.

Whether the charges against D and G in Hong Kong are actually correct or not, the secondary issue has become. Brand failure is still at the forefront of the initial article to investigate the claim within at least 24 hours with minimum apology and a wow. It does not matter how the problem eventually goes out, it will likely work as a valuable case study for other luxury brands working in Hong Kong in the coming years.

Avery Baker is a editor of the Daily Daily (http://www.jingdaily.com) website, focusing on China's consumer trends, focusing on luxury and culture business in China. In addition to monitoring the work of the war daily

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