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Friday, 21 December 2018

This Christmas Bring Home the Latest Washing Machine on EMI

With all your Christmas errands and festivities, does laundry seem like the chore you’re dreading? Make your life simpler by purchasing a washing machine by availing an exciting offer this Christmas. You can choose from a fully automatic or a semi-automatic washing machine or between a front load and a top load variant. While a little research you can select the one that best fits your needs. Now, you no longer have to worry about staying on budget as you can buy the best washing machine on EMIs starting from Rs.610 on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

This shopping network, spanning across 1,300+ Indian cities, has partnered with more than 60,000 online and offline retailers. So, finding a washing machine of your is easier than ever. Moreover, you can shop for it using the EMI Network Card and easily convert the purchase price into EMIs to make it affordable for you. Apart from this, the EMI Card gives you instant EMI finance up to Rs.4 lakh to fund your purchase of washing machine on No Cost EMI that you can repay through a flexible tenor ranging from 3 to 24 months as per your convenience. You can also enjoy special offers, discounts on MRP and lucrative cashback to make your purchase more friendly on your pocket. To shop, you can either go to the nearest partner store to avail in-store financing or shop online in few clicks.

Now that financing a new washing machine is easy, here are some of the best washing machines on EMI.

      LG F4J6TGP0W
Dimensions: 560mm X 600mm X 850mm
Wash Capacity: 8kg
Optional programs: Pre Wash, Crease Care, Time Delay, Tub Clean, Rinse Plus, Lower Temperature Dry, Child Lock
Body type: White Rim and Black Tint
Display: Touch LED
Technology: 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology
Spin speed: 400–1400 RPM
Wash programme: Filtration, Scrubbing, Tumble, Rolling, Swing

Key takeaways:
o   The direct drive motor on which this LG washing machine runs is super reliable and makes less noise.  
o   You can select powerful clothing programmes like Stepping, Filtration, and Scrubbing for your jeans, top and other such clothing. However, if you want to wash your delicate clothing then also you can completely rely on this machine thanks to its delicate washing programme like Tumble, Rolling and Swing.

      Lloyd LWMT80TS
Dimensions: 570mmX580mmX985mm
Wash Capacity: 8kg
Technology: Direct Drive inverter Technology
Body type: Stainless Steel Body
Rated voltage: 230V
Wash modes: 360 degree Turbo Jet Wash, Fuzzy Logic, Soak Wash, Water Recycle, Bubble Wash
Spin speed: 700RPM
Function type: Fully automatic top load
Sensors: Door lid sensor, Water level sensor, Load imbalance transfer, Laundry Load Transfer

Key takeaways:
o   This Lloyd washing machine has a revolutionary Direct Drive inverter technology that has a motor connected directly to the drum. This increases its efficiency, lowers the operational noise, increases the lifeline of your machine, reduces electricity consumption, and saves water too.
o   Fuzzy Logic is an intelligent feature with which you can automatically adjust your washing conditions using in-built sensors.
o   A 360 degree Turbo Jet Wash feature increases the washing performance of your machine and uses detergent optimally, making every wash more affordable on your pocket.

      Haier HWM70-789FNZP
Dimensions: 520mm X 930mm X 550mm
Wash Capacity: 7kg
Wash programme: Cotton, Delicate, Quick Wash, Daily Wash, Jeans, Sports, Rinse, Spin
Technology: Near Zero Pressure Technology
Special Feature: Magic Filter
Function type: Top load fully automatic

Key takeaways:
o   This Haier washing machine has a capacity of 7kg that is ideal for a small family. It is well-known for its Magic Filter and NZP Technology.
o   The NZP technology lets you wash clothes even if you have a low water pressure up to .001 Mpa. Therefore, even if you live in low water pressure area or routinely face water pressure problems, you can wash your clothes with ease on this Haier washing machine.
o   It comes with a transparent lid and a grey titanium cover to add a dollop of style to your home.

      Bosch WAB16161IN
Dimensions: 550mm X 598mm X 848mm                                
Wash Capacity: 6kg                
Wash modes: Synthetic, Hygiene, Delicate, Silk, Wool, Mix, Cotton
Drum Volume: 42 lts.            
Wash Optimisation: AllergyPlus, Prewash, Ready, Shirts, Spin speed reduction, Starching              
Performance: AntiVibration Design
Spin speed: 800 RPM             
Water Consumption: 55 lts.                                                         
Technology: ActiveWater technology, SpeedPerfect

Key takeaways:
o   This smart Bosch washing machine has an ActiveWater technology that reduces the amount of water consumed, thus making it more eco-friendly.
o   Apart from saving water, this technology also washes the drum with hot water to ensure that all the detergent strains are gone and there is no bacteria formation to ensure good health for you and your family.
o   If you don’t have enough time to invest in doing your laundry, this washing machine is your best bet. This is because it comes with a SpeedPerfect that reduces your laundry time by 65%!

      Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier
Dimensions: 540mm X 560mm X 880mm                               
Wash Capacity: 6.5kg           
Technology: ZPF technology, Power Scrub technology, 6th SENSE 123 technology
Function type: Fully automatic top load                                
Wash Programs: Daily, Heavy, Delicates, Hard Water Wash, Woollens, Bedsheets, Wash only, Aqua Store                      
Key Features: Digital display, SPA wash, Agipeller with SPA drum, 12 wash programs
Spin speed: 740RPM             
Warranty: 10 year – Motor and Wash Plate                          

Key takeaways:
o   The Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier washing machine works on a Power Scrub Technology that is loaded with 3 springs to create super agitation. This helps it in removing tough stains and dirt to give your clothes a thorough wash.
o   It also has a hard water wash feature that washes your clothes delicately even with hard water while maintaining the colour and softness of your clothes.

With these great model in store for you, it’s time that you shopped for the best washing machine from the EMI Network. Check your pre-approved offer and avail instant financing for the purchase of washing machine on EMI. Moreover, you will also get pre-approved offers for personal loans, home loans and other financial services. You can use these custom deals to meet all your goals quickly and affordably. Get started now!

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