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Monday, 10 December 2018

Top 4 tips for Faster and Reliable Internet Connection

Today, everyone wants a high-speed of internet all over the house without any buffering or signal breakage. That is the reason they go with advanced technology and switch to range extenders or wireless repeaters. In this article, we will guide you how to get faster and reliable internet connection along the process of New Extender Setup.

New Extender Setup

·       Use the latest firmware of router and plug it nearby the range extender. Are your devices overheated? If the answer is “Yes”, then give them a time of 5 minutes to cool down completely. This only happens when you have gone through numerous steps.
·       Once your devices are cool, connect them both and wait for the LED lights starts blinking. If you don’t see any power lights on your devices, consider placing them in a different location.
·       After that, what you have to do, grab a laptop/ computer and bring it within reach of the range extender.
·       Hope you have done with all. Now, launch a web browser and type  into field of the address bar. If you see an error message while login, exit from the first one and try using another.
Now, what you have to do, take the help of the finest technicians in the world and ask them for default details of username and password to fill into the required fields. Well, the default details are very essential for login.

4 valuable tips for a Faster Internet Connection

1.       Avoid Distances Between your Router and the Computer
You might be connected to the internet via router isn’t it? Then you will find that your internet speed suddenly breaks down as you move away from your WiFi device i.e. the router. In that case, you have no option left then to stick with your device. This would be the most annoying situation ever. Nobody wants to get stuck to a place for a long time. Everybody wants freedom and that is the reason why they switch to range extender or a wireless repeater.
Note: Be certain that your internet devices (computer and router) have enough space to prevent overheating.
2.       Consider Understanding the Cause of Slow Internet Connection
The main reason for a slow internet connection has already been discussed in step 1. Another main cause that causes conflict between router, computer and your internet connection are:
·       Use of older version of software and hardware devices.
·       Multiple devices connected to the same network.
·       Countless downloads.
·       Interference of neighboring WiFi and electronic devices.
There could be many reasons for a slow and spotty internet connection. Know more regarding the same and troubleshooting on toll-free number already mentioned above.
3.       Shrink the number of items that are on the same Network
Maybe your WiFi network is capable of handling a certain amount of traffic. Maybe it doesn’t have enough space to consume large files and heavy downloads. To get rid of such situation, make sure that your router is the only WiFi device that is connected to your network. We do understand that it isn’t expectable, but we have to do so before our internet speed slows down.
If this isn’t enough to satisfy you, consider applying the process of NETGEAR New Extender Setup as soon as possible.
4.       Decrease the rate of Interference creating Devices
There isn’t one cause of a slow internet connection, there could be many.
·       Interference of third-party and neighboring devices. We need to place your router and the range extender far away from doors, windows, walls, etc.
·       Interference caused due to household metal appliances and electronic gadgets like treadmill, microwave, Bluetooth speakers, juicer, baby monitor, mixer grinder, etc. We need you to place your smart devices out of the reach of such obstruction. If it isn’t possible, consider turning them off before or after the process of installation and configuration.

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